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My family and I are just absolutely blown away by these incredible family photos and your extreme kindness in doing all that meticulous and skillful work...
~ Chantal ~
Eva, you have such a great eye when using your camera. I wish we still lined in SC so you could take our pictures. We still have the picture you took of us on our last week in Simpsonville.
~ Kay ~
I just want to give a special thank you to Eva Frenzel for taking such wonderful pictures and capturing these special moments! This was the most fun shoot we’ve taken by far!
~ Mallorie ~
This picture sums up Mother's Day for me! My heartbeats. Thanks Eva Frenzel for capturing this moment!
~ Trina ~
8th Grade Dance Professional photos courtesy of Eva Frenzel, who worked very hard and creatively to pull together an awesome photo shoot of a bunch of wacky middle school graduates. Thanks Eva!
~ Brian ~
This morning the fabulous Eva Frenzel took senior pictures of the girls in downtown Simpsonville. The pictures speak for themselves, they are gorgeous! Thank you so much, Eva, for these treasured memories!
~ Franziska ~
Thank you Eva for these amazing photos you took of our girls!!! We will cherish them!
~ Kristen ~
Eva, thank you so much !! You do such an amazing job on my family photos every year. If anyone is looking for an amazing photographer, with a wonderful personality and such a sweetheart who can capture magic in her pictures, Eva is the one to go to!
~ Melissa ~
Thank you Eva for the incredible pictures and memories!
~ Karina ~
Thank you for capturing these moments for us... we would recommend you to all our friends...
~ Roy and Trina ~
Eva worked her magic again!!
~ Marion ~
You are the best! We love our pictures more every year!
~ Danielle ~
Eva, thank you so much!!! You do such an amazing job on my family photos every year . If anyone is looking for an amazing photographer, with a wonderful personality and such a sweetheart who can capture magic in her pictures, Eva is the one to go to!
~ Melissa ~
Thanks so much Eva!! We enjoy you as always and your wonderful work!
~ Misty ~
We had a great time this morning with our favorite photographer! Making more memories!
~ Angie ~
I would like to thank Eva Frenzel of Frennet Studio for the wonderful photos and capturing every moment!!! If you are ever looking for Professional high quality photos please look her up, very professional. THANK YOU AGAIN EVA!!!
~ Kilfiness ~
My sweet friend and amazing photographer Eva Frenzel took the pictures and made my Christmas card for me. She is such an artist. I LOVE IT! Thank you so much Eva!
~ Karina ~
Eva is a FANTASTIC person and photographer! If you need to capture ANY moment, she's your photographer!
~ Lori ~
"Thank you Eva for the most amazing experience! You have captured my vision completely!!! It was so easy to work with you, you are the best!"
"If you are looking to take some family photos ...I highly recommend Frennet Studio. You will not be disappointed, we had such a great time doing this and the photos are awesome!!"
~ Angie ~
"Thank You so much Eva! You have so much energy and excitement that is contagious!"
~ Christie ~
Thank you to my dear friend Eva and Frennet Studio for the beautiful pictures and memories you made for my family. You are an amazing person and artist!
~ Karina ~
"Eva is a very talented Photographer!"
~ Christie ~
"Eva is a genius Photographer!! She has captured the essence of the Bakers! Our photo session was a success!!"
"Had so much fun with Eva yesterday for mine and Morgan's photo session. If you ever need professional pictures done this the lady to do it. She is phenomenal."
"This is so beautiful - I thought it was an advertisement for something."
"Happiness and love really was captured in each shot"
"Your eye makes you unique, Eva."
~ Lorena~
"If you've been admiring my latest photos that I've uploaded, I need to let you know that Eva Frenzel at Frennet Studio is the reason they turned out perfectly. I've never felt more relaxed and more pleased with a photo session. Dave and I were jut told to be ourselves, behave the way we normally behave and Eva took care of the rest. As you see, she is amazing."
"Eva does a wonderful job photographing the kids who loved being in her studio. After a couple hours I had to tell them all enough (Eva included) :) best photo session ever!"
"Thank you so much for coming and doing the photo shoot today!!! We all had such a wonderful time:) you are awesome!!! ♥"
~Cindy G.~
" Eva is the best!! We had a blast with her:)"
~Cindy G.~
"Filling out the all Christmas cards...If the cards weren't so adorable, this might be WORK. Eva Frenzel did an amazing job creating a card for our family that is just perfect. Anyone local really needs to visit her and have a session. Bring some music and let yourself go."
"This is one of my moms at the preschool. She is an absolutely precious woman and does beautiful pictures. Love me some Eva Frenzel."
~ Cindy H.~
"I ordered our pictures a little late- they are suppose to come today- however Brandon said we could place this in the grandparent's frame. It is a copy of your picture from memory- he even has drawn the backdrop and lights!!! :-) I am so moved and had to share."

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